Here you will find a collection of my works, mainly costumes, and also some other handmade crafts. My gallery is constantly being updated, so please check back often! 

I went to Montreal Comiccon last weekend and had a blast. It had been a while since I had done prettymuch anything baby-free. I didn't have much time to make any new costumes for myself as I had been busy with wedding gown alterations and creating costumes for clients. I chose to wear my Kiki costume (from Kiki's Delivery Service - Ghibli) for two days. I ate custard buns and bbq pork buns all weekend. It was glorious.

What else? I've made several historical dresses and outfits in the last couple of years. An 1830s plaid dress for Xmas, an 1860s dress in black and butter coloured mini plaid silk, and a couple 1912 outfits. Busy busy!  

BRB had a baby.

During the month of August, I worked on a film as a dresser, and I also worked on the NAC's production of Carmen. It was fantastic. I'm currently working on doing bridal alterations from home, and working on Halloween costumes.

I went to FanExpo at the end of August and had a fantastic time. I even got to meet Meg Turney, one of the hosts of SourceFed, one of my favorite YouTube shows. She was all sorts of loveliness.

October 19/20th I'll be at the Ottawa Geek Market to sell my wares. I'll be bringing a whole new lot of stuff! Bowties and fascinators galore! Don't miss out!

October 26th will be the WonderGeeks Activate All Hallow's Eve party at the Arrow and Loon. It's going to be spooktacular for sure!

So, New York Comic Con was fantastic once again. With over 116,000 con-goers in attendance, I did not feel lonely. Pictures to follow.

Do you have a sewing machine? Does it scare the bajeesus out of you? I'll be offering sewing classes starting in January. Make sure to stop by the facebook page, Silver Lotus's Sewing for Beginners, for more information! Sign up early and receive a coupon for my Etsy store. Exmass is just around the corner!

In other OTHER news: The Comic Book Shop
Art Gala is also coming up very soon! Join us, November 25th at  228 Bank Street from 8pm-midnight. Make sure to get your free tickets before the event to take advantage of all the awesomeness the local artists will have to offer!


Here is the video of the interview I did with byward of mouth
at Ottawa ComicCon in May.
So nervous!!

Hello visitor! Whoa it's been a while. I've been very busy with various projects, costume-wise, but also new and exciting projects. More recently, I've been getting more involved with the convention scene, in participating  in discussion panels on various topics.
This past weekend was the very first Ottawa Comic Con, and I did a 50-minute presentation on 18th century women's costume. I was very excited, pleased and flattered with the attendance. I apologize for the lack of Digital presentation material; The topic was selected at the last minute. I'll be working on various presentations so that I can have them on hand if an opportunity like this presents itself again.

Stay tuned for more info on upcoming events, on Twitter and facebook.

New look!
The new design took some while in the making, but I'm really proud to have it finally done and looking so sharp! Or antique, in this case. There are still many links left to hook up, so be patient... for now, the most important stuff it up - the costumes!
Also, school is finally almost done. Expect there to be much costume-making this summer. Over the last little while, I was mostly constructing smaller pieces that don't take enormous amounts of time, because I still wanted to create. I will have to add a section to show my cruelty-free feathered fascinators and reticule purses.

You can also bet that I'll be making yet another 18th century dress before Fêtes de la Nouvelle France 2011. I hope they have changed their mandate from Pirate-Festival to actually celebrating the history of Nouvelle-France... cause let me be honest with you for a moment, there was nothing to plunder in the New World in the 17th and 18th centuries. *sigh*
Anyway, I plan on making a Française Polonaise dress out of gold silk with a light white chrysanthemum print on it.

New collaborations with Mike Arnold, photographer. More info here.

1745 Travelling suit

I'm working quite hard on new dresses that I will be able to wear on an everyday basis. Firstly, a white dress with black polka dots with black lace and a pink crinoline, secondly a 1950s style black dress with butterflies. I've also begun construction of my first dress for this year's Fêtes de la Nouvelle France, a française-style (sack-back) dress in lilac and aqua embroidered taffeta. To find out more about its construction, please visit my  LiveJournal page.
A few upcoming events:

~ Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party. I will be the White Rabbit.

~ Circus-themed costume ball.

Oh my stars! My Etsy shop has been featured on Ottawa! That has made my day. I hope to put more "stuff" in my store really soon.

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