Completed:  March 2011
Worn at: Polaris 2011, FanExpo 2011.

Why I chose this costume:
I grew up watching Star Trek: Next Generation, and I always loved Deanna Troi's character. She's a little bit kooky, and not very logical, but boy you gotta love her. Not to mention the fact that she didn't wear a Starfleet uniform for a really long time. I really liked her turquoise outfit, and decided to make it to wear to Polaris 2011 in Toronto, since it used to be called “Toronto Trek”. I felt that it would be appropriate. This is another very comfortable costume. It’s comprised of a bodysuit with a skirt overtop. There are six layers of spandex that make up the collar, which I stitched together. I also came up with a new pattern to integrate the shoe cover into the bodysuit as one piece.

Now I just have to figure out how to make fake chocolate ice-cream...