Completed: November 2006
Worn at: Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France 2007, 2009; Masquerade Ball
Why I chose this costume:  This is the very first 18th century dress I ever made. I fell in love with the shape and the pouffyness of the dress, and the shiny rust-red taffeta. I've worn this dress over and over again, with different hairstyles for various occasions.


~ The Polonaise dress, popularized in the 1770s, (also referred to as a "milkmaid dress") was a conscious imitation of Polish rustic country women's habit of tucking their outer gowns up to keep them out of the muck. The open skirt could be poofed up by tucking the front corners through the pocket slits or, later, by means of tapes and loops sewn into the skirt.
Mine is held up by two ribbons on the inside of the dress and can be poufed as little or as much as I want.

Photography by Mike Arnold