Completed: July 2011
Worn at: Fêtes de la Nouvelle France
Why I chose this costume: .

I've been wanting to make this jacket (well, any 18th century bed jacket, really) for a while now. Skimming through Ms. Janet Arnold’s book once again, I came upon this lovely example, and found some great cotton jacquard with a lovely print in red at the fabric store. I really enjoyed my experience as a maidservant at Fêtes de la Nouvelle France in 2009, and wanted to make my own version. This lady is a little fancier than your regular kitchen maid, and so I made two linen skirts, and a linen pinner apron and cap to go with it. Since there are no panniers to serve as pockets with this one, I carried a veggie basket and hid my belongings under the produce. It was especially interesting to wear my new 18th century stays complete with linen shift underneath. It was quite comfortable!


Back view of the jacket - note the matched bodice pieces at the centre.