Completed: February 2010
Worn at: Photoshoot
Why I chose this costume:  I've loved this outfit since the first minute I saw the illustration, and when I found the perfect fabric, I knew I had to make it. The pattern is from the "Patterns of Fashion" book by costume historian Janet Arnold. Described as a "white quilted satin jacket with a hood and matching petticoat... This suit would have probably been worn for travelling."

The suit is made of a quilted cotton fabric with flowers and latticework throughout. It is lined in a cream-coloured cotton.

As well as the suit, I made a handwarmer since the sleeves of the jacket are only elbow-length. The handwarmer is quite sophisticated as it is comprised of a layer of Thinsulate, and lined in polar fleece to keep the hands nice and cozy. The inside also features a little secret pocket for holding small items. The openings tie up with a ribbon pulled through a channel on each end.

To the outfit I also added a tricorn which I made from a repurposed felt hat, lovely antique lace and antique metallic braid. The side of the hat features a lovely cockade in black grosgrain ribbon.

Other details: storebought fingerless knitted gloves, and a vintage embroidered brooch. The petticoat obtains it's fabulous pouffyness from a bumroll (a sausage-shaped padding worn underneath) rather than a crinoline.

Interesting tidbit: After making the costume, I found out that the same costume (in powder blue) can be seen toward the end of the movie "Dangerous Liaisons". It is worn by Cécile de Volange (Uma Thurman)s while visiting Madame de Tourvel (Michelle Pfeiffer) on her death bed.

Photography by Mike Arnold